Yoga on the beach at la Tortuga


Free yoga everyday at 5pm with a view of the beach is a good reason to come/stay here. The class is run by yoga instructor, Rory, who’s a tall Irish man with dreadlocks and a very deep voice – strangely this makes yoga better.

I went for the first time a few days ago – and I have to admit that it was one of the best yoga classes I have ever had. We started with some sun salutations, followed with the cobra pose and some downward dog positions. As the class went on, I could see my body becoming more flexible and stronger. 

IMG_2045I enjoyed the fact that a lot of the positions we were doing were linked to surfing. The cobra position and the paddling position on a surfboard are very similar and yoga was helping me to strengthen the core of my body, as well as working on my balance.

Stretching a lot of the muscles used for surfing felt really good. I guess it was nice that more attention was given to the physical aspects of yoga rather than to meditation. Rory is organizing his yoga sessions, so that beginners and advanced students can both get a kick out of the class. But I’m sure if he has a class of advanced students he can also do more meditation/breathing sessions, but I’m happy I got the active beginner/intermediate lesson.


I was able to do the arm-pressure posture, lifting my feet and balancing my body sitting on the back of my arms (see picture) – something I had never been able to do. This felt awesome! I massively failed trying to do the crow position, where the knees are on the elbow (advanced students could practice the advanced version, also named the crane).

The only difficult part of the class was watching some of my friends surfing at sunset, while I was yogaing. Luckily I still got a chance to jump in the water and catch a couple of waves before it got completely dark.