Where to surf in El Salvador?


After having surfed around all Central America, and having listened to much better surfers than me, I can tell you that El Salvador is a great place to surf.

Jeff 4I was amazed at how you can find all level surfers at the Tortuga Verde. There is one of the best right hand waves at Las Flores (some people pay 2000 dollars to stay for a week right in front of that wave). We take a free 10min drive every morning to that great wave (Las Flores Surf Forecast). The point break isn’t too crowded, locals are nice with strangers and there is an easier beach break a little further down in case you feel the wave is too big. After a 1 or 2 hour session, we usually head to the fruit store in town to pick up some water melons, lichees, or delicious pineapples.

Sometimes if the swell is really big, a group of good surfers will go to Punta Mango (it’s a little bit more crowded, but I hear it’s worth it). The guys who went there mentioned there was a photographer, who took some very decent photos of them.

Aitor woll 1

Me, I simply enjoy the beach break in front of the hostel. The waves at the back get big enough for the good surfers at high tide – around 5 in the morning and the evening. This is perfect to watch the sunrise or the sunset, and I have to admit that I love surfing when the sun is going down. Beginner surfers have fun in the white water and can also catch some of the waves in the middle, as the big ones from the back break and reform nicely. 

P.S.: Another favorite in El Salvador is El Tunco, the party scene is a little bigger but you’re surfing on some rocks…. I always prefere a clean beach :)aitor 2