When you get here – Our book

La Tortuga Verde – Our Guide Book


When you arrive at La Tortuga Verde we have Our Book which is a carefully crafted manual full of loads of useful information to help you get the most out of your stay with us.

In Our book you’ll find key information on:

La Tortuga Verde day trips

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When you arrive, sit back, relax and read all about the amazing day trips you can do with us in our book. Find out about our famous All day open ocean adventure, trips to spectacular waterfalls, hot volcanoes and amazing river boat rides, and much, much more. If you can’t wait to get here and read our book, you can read all about our exciting day trips here.

Our Magic Switch

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Need a midnight snack or assistance after hours? Our magic switch is here for you! Press the button several times, see the lights flash to notify the guard that you’re in need of a late night ice cream fix, wait a few minutes and as if by magic, the night watchman will arrive to help you out. Find out about the Magic switch location and what else you can use it for in our book.


Exploring around La Tortuga Verde

If you’re looking for some local activities or cheap eats near to the resort then you’ll find it all in or book. Get in the know on where to pick up the best 3 for $1 Pupusas, local walking tours and where to dig for clams on the beach.



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