Aquaponics in El Salvador



Aquaponics cycle

As we’re starting our new adventure, the local staff from La Tortuga Verde is becoming more and more curious about this project. Here we are in this coastal village explaining to farmers the concepts of hydroponics (growing plants in water rather than soil) and aquaculture (raising fish). Aquaponics combines both types and uses the disadvantages of both systems to create a balanced working system. The ammonia excreted by the fish, which would become toxic to the fish in aquaculture will now be transformed into nitrites then nitrates (feeding the plants). The water is filtered by the plants and recirculated through the entire system.

Our voyage into the future of farming started with reading Aquaponics Gardening: A step by Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together by Sylvia Bernstein and the Urban Aquaponics Manual by Gary Donaldson. We also watched all the online videos we could find.

Our goal is to grow leafy greens and showcase the advantages of aquaponics to guests coming to the Tortuga Verde and to local people. So, we chose to go with the barrel-ponics system created by Travis Hughey that includes a raft based system and a media based system (we’re still hesitating between river rocks or lava rocks…).

Check out the best step by step construction of an aquaponic system we’ve found after all our research:

This is what we’ve started to build!


Some good websites and sources of info are listed below: