How to make a volcanic lunch in El Salvador

Step 1: Gather supplies.

Tomatoes and basil from the garden, pan especial (special bread) from the La Tortuga Verde Kitchen, fresh fish and shrimp from the local fisherman, limes and avocados from fruit trees by the road, potatoes, walnuts, apples, and asparagus from Super Selecto the El Salvadorian Supermercado.


Step 2: Food Preperation

It doesn’t take much to get ingredients ready for volcanic cooking. Chop, dice, spice, repeat.



Step 3: Bring the heat!

When cooking food on scalding hot volcanic steam vents, netted baskets, long pieces of string, aluminum foil and large sticks are your most important tools. Primitive and necessary.

We push ingredients like fish, potatoes, vegetables even eggs, as far back into the vents as we can get for the natural steam and heat to cook the food thoroughly.


Step 4: Consume

Enjoy the perfectly steamed cornucopia of delicious!Tip: Try to avoid burning your tongue on the tasty, scalding treats you can’t wait to shove into your mouth.


Step 5: Dessert

Treat yourself to a tasty pastry in San Miguel on the way back to La Tortuga Verde.


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