Rentals Surfboards / Paddleboards / Fins & “We buy your board program”

Surfboard and Paddle board rental

As well as being able to hire a wide variety of surfboards from us, you can also hire paddle boards, fins and take part in our “We buy your board” program.

All day rental of short boards, longboards, fun shapes and foam shapes for $10 a day. – See Board Pictures Below (Board selection may vary on arrival).

Surf Board Rentals:

$3/ Hour

Paddle Board Rentals:


Surf Lessons:

$10  (1-1.5 Hours / Includes Surfboard)






We buy your board program: (Bring and sell us your surfboard!)

1. Ask us what size surfboard we need for our stock room.

2. If we need that size that you what to bring we will pay you to get it here and the cost of the board.

3. You can ride it the whole time you are here if you want. Or not.  But we will still buy it!

Remember you must check with us first



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