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Surf Lessons at La Tortuga Verde – El Cuco, Intipuca Beach, El Salvador

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Learn how to surf in El Salvador. Our beach has a fantastic learner wave and with our incredible instructors you’ll be popping up and riding those waves in no time.


Surf Lessons:

$10  (1-1.5 Hours / Includes Surfboard)







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We help you rent and pick out a board for your ability, give you a lesson on land then get in the water right next to you, push you into waves or just hang out next to you and give you pointers on where to catch the waves and help you get better at your cutbacks, tubrides, and drop-ins.

We can take some pictures of you and friends or girlfriend and throw them on Facebook that day for you to make all of your friends and family jealous you are surfing amazing tropical waves in El Salvador!

To arrange a surf lessons or rent a board just talk to the office.


Surf Board Rentals:

$3/ Hour

Paddle Board Rentals:



See Board Rental info ->

Reserve a lesson ahead of time ->


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