Sharing What You Know With Those That Don’t

Sharing What You Know With Those That Don’t


We encourage everyone who visits the us to travel with as much luggage as your particular airline carrier will allow free of charge and after you’ve packed your necessities we encourage you to fill your bag with old T-shirts, shorts, pants & books that are stashed at the back of your closet in an effort to assist us with our Recycle Program of unwanted cloths and books and help those in need in our little village .


Second if you have any social, teaching, or medical skills we encouraged you to visit the local school in our little village and share your particular knowledge and insight into life and life’s experiences with hungry for learning kids of all ages eagerly trying to prepare themselves for life outside their secluded fishing village in a capitalistic world foreign to them and their families.


In addition if you have any specific knowledge of marine environmental protection or conservation services we would encourage you to work with our volunteers in an effort to expand their awareness and consciousness with respect to our turtle sanctuary through our Hatch and Release program and the free flowing rivers in our area through the Mangle Preservation program.


Also if you have any specific skills in organic gardening or farming our gardening volunteers and staff, would be extremely grateful for your guidance and direction.


And if you have a specific skills in wood shop or wood working we have a fully equipped wood shop and our carpenters, all of which come from our local village, are always interested in learning new do’s and don’ts with respect to building all kinds of things out of natural wood. At La Tortuga Verde we NEVER varnish any wood.!


Also if you have any secret cooking recipes that you would like to share with us our kitchen staff would be very interested and appreciative in learning new recipes and experimenting with new culinary ideas under the guidance of someone other than an aging grandmother who has lived in a little fishing village her entire life.


And if all that is just to much for you to engage in during your relaxing get away from it all vacation at La Tortuga Verde you can always just walk down the beach and pick up a piece of plastic and drop it in the trash cans located at the beach entrance to the property.

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