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“You Are What You Eat” (OUR MENU->)
At La Tortuga Verde we encourage clean living and clean food and constantly search for the freshest local fruit in season, fresh fish, and fresh poultry. We have our own boats for catching fresh fish and our own organic garden for growing fresh vegetables. The property has amazing mango, maranon, cacao, almond, lime and tamarindo trees and over 400 coconut trees. Most foods are cooked over lenya (real wood) which everyone says makes the food taste better. The Restaurant is open daily from 7am-7pm.

Food in General
El Salvador is not known for it’s meat and so if you are looking for a fabulous steak this (as in this country) would not be the place to visit. We can address your special requests for meat given a 48 notice. That being said there are 3 meat specialty restaurants in San Miguel which you can visit at anytime. Hamburger and hot dogs are on hand at all times.

Special Diets
Now who do you know that’s not a special diet.?  Ok..  we all get it now.. “you are what you eat”!! That being said please be assured that whatever it is that you are wanting with respect to making your vacation a positive experience regarding the food you eat we are right there with you. The idea of returning from your vacation and going on a diet will not be necessary. Typically most clients loose a little weight through healthy eating and exercise.
Vegetable and Fruit Marketing
The way it works in our little fishing village of Playa El Esteron is that no one really leaves the village (as hardly anyone has a car) and so everything comes to us.. Hey… what a great idea!!  Just stand out on the road and sooner or later someone selling whatever it is your looking for will pass by one day or another. That being said, not everything comes to us when we want it to and so often we have to venture out to get just the right food on any particular day and so we offer fresh fruit and vegetable market trips to the neighboring village of Chiliagua just a short 10 minute car ride away for a small fee.
As you know we live in a tiny fishing village at the end of the road where each day the local fisherman go to sea and come back with whatever the ocean gods will allow. About 2 times a week we put in our special request for a giant 10-14lb Rabalo, Corbina or Pargo and stuff it with baby shrimp and cook it up and serve it family style, all you can eat,  with a big green salad and mashed potatoes.

Each meal is prepared and cooked to order and can be delivered to your room or house at no extra charge. If you want eat late just let us know and we’ll wrap it in aluminum foil.

Alcoholic Beverages
We offer a full range of local and imported beers, red, white & rose wine by the glass, half bottle or bottle and all types of alchoholic and mixed drinks available 24 hours a day

Late Night Oceanfront Dinner & Bar
Although it took us few years to get our act together we now offer late night dining till midnight at the ocean front bar. Enjoy fresh food cooked right in front of you while listening to the waves crash with a cold drink in your hand . Pizza made from scratch, bruchettes of meat or chicken or fish or vegis served on special chibatti bread which comes from Guatemala by way the San Martin bakery in San Salvador half baked and so we finish the baking process right at the bar. We also serve an amazing flaming banana dessert bruchetta served on chibatti bread smothered in peanut butter and covered with ice cream that melts as it hits the warm caramelized honey and rum. Read more about yummy bar food below..

Late Night Munchies
I don’t know why but it seems that some of us just get those late night munchies after a fun night of star gazing, listening to the ocean and who knows what else!! In an effort to address this inevitable crossroads we have a late night munchies menu at the bar which includes toasted cheese sandwiches, ham & cheese sandwiches, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, pop corn, ice cream, coffee, tea & hot chocolate usually available till midnight.

“Always the Freshest Food Our Neighbors Can Provide…”

All prices for accommodations, meals, excursions and transportation do not include the 13%IVA tax which will be added to all purchases.

 There is a 10% service charge (propino) added to the bill of all food and alcohol purchases.


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