Party Nights at La Tortuga Verde

special events (5)Party Nights at La Tortuga Verde

Probably the best thing monthly sometimes bi-monthly event that has happened to the East Side of El Salvador and possibly all of El Salvador, EVER!


1. Invitation only. This is correct! If you are not on our email list (sign up here) or friends with us on facebook. Do both and like to make sure you get your inviation.

2. We are only going to allow 200 people to come. You and all of your friends could almost have the whole night to yourself!

3. Amazing music all night. Big dance floor.

4. An indoor screened area with candles set away from the music so you can relax with your friends, lady or man.

5. The best bar in town, The One Winged Pelican, serving drinks, wine, and beer with specials all night!

6. The VIT (Very Important Turtle) Lounge above the bar. An exclusive area for turtle supporters only. Those who purchase a turtle necklace which buys 20 turtle eggs get to hang out on above the bar!

7.  You get a mark or bracelet when you enter so that we know who does not have a ticket. People without tickets are removed immediately from the property. Keeping everything safe.

8. No fighting, no shady activity, or you are removed. We have serious security staff!

fire (4) fire (5)

9. Bonfires, absinthe, private areas everywhere, dancing, fire-spinning, changing themes with different music each night, you can even stay at our hotel or even rent a house with all off you friends. The one house we have fit you and all your friends where you can have a private pool and your own kitchen.

10. BBQ!!  A do it yourself BBQ, where you tell what you want and you grill how you like it!


We are pretty sure you cannot find this type of party anywhere!


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