New volunteer joins the Tortuga Verde Team

My name is Erik and I just joined the Tortuga Verde volunteers. I was on my way to Mexico when I fell in love with the Tortuga Verde and decided to stay a little longer than expected in El Salvador. I flew from Paris to Panama City on the the 2nd of May. I was thinking of rushing through Honduras and Salvador, as their reputation made me feel a little uncomfortable – but the reality is that traveling in local buses in Salvador was easy and safe (during daytime).

Panama was nice (especially Boquete), Costa Rica was more Americanized and richer (nature is abundant over there – Tamarindo is a good place to surf and party). Nicaragua’s climate is incredibly dry compared to its neighbors (don’t miss Lago de Apoyo!).

Tortuga Verde entrance

I got to the Nicaragua/Honduras border and thought I’d check out Utila and try to catch a whale shark, as July is one of the best time to see them around this beautiful Caribbean island. Unfortunately I didn’t… A girl saw one the day before I got there and then another girl saw one the day I left… The eluding whale shark evades me once again.

After traveling for 3 months in local buses on my way to Mexico, I had been looking for a place to volunteer and take a breather. I would never have expected to find that place in El Salvador at La Tortuga Verde.

From the border I took a local bus in direction of San Miguel and from there a bus to El Cuco. It’s a 45 min walk to the hostel or a cheap US $5 cab ride to La Tortuga Verde.

tortuga verde beach view

On my first night, I helped save some turtle eggs and bring the turtle back into the sea. After my second day here, chilling and surfing some great waves (it’s the first time I find a spot great for beginners and advanced surfers), I decided I might want to stay a little longer. 

When I heard they had an organic tropical garden and that, as a volunteer I would get to work in it and get a chance to learn about composting, planting and growing tropical fruits, my decision was made – I would be their new team member.

Based on the volunteer’s skills different projects are organized around the hostel/resort. So, if you’re looking for a good place to surf, practice yoga and do something creative – this might just also be the place for you…