Mangrove River Boat Trip – El Salvador, Mangale

Mangrove River Boat Trip


2      people  $25 per person

3 – 4 people  $20 per person

5      or more $15 per person

*go tubing for just $10 extra, arrange your trip for sunset or go north and see Las Flores, Punta Mango, and La Ventana


Cruise around the mangroves and circle a beautiful island in the middle of the estuary. Expect to see many different kinds of birds and wild life and sometimes cayman (small crocodiles).


  • Please tell us with some time to prepare the boat and captain. 1 day before or in the morning for the afternoon

Spend a day drifting through the mangrove trees in one of the most lush ecosystems of El Salvador.

One of the most personally rewarding adventures is the boat ride up the Magrove River located at the entrance to the La Boacana property. The boat trip takes you up the “esteron” where you can see lots of fabulous birds that live in and around the brackish water such as white herons, blue herons, falcons, hawks, parrots and if you are lucky you can even sneak up on a crocodile sunbathing along the banks of the river. As you glide deeper and deeper into the stillness you come to realize that it is easier and clearer to see the clouds by looking down into the water rather than by looking up into the sky. Hopefully once you visit the mangrove river and experience this incredible adventure for yourself you will inquire about getting more involved with our mangrove conservation and preservation program. I remember thinking after my first ride up the river thinking there could be no higher calling in my life but for me to dedicate my life to the preservation and conservation of this pristine untouched natural river habitat and so I have. River trips take about 1-2 hours and cost $10 per person. (Please visit our Bird Watching and the Mangrove River Preservation page for more information about getting involved with preserving this pristine natural habitat.)

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