A group of happy guests had sheltered from the tropical storm and enjoyed a delicious dinner in La Tortuga Verde when the beaming security guard announced that there was a turtle laying her eggs on the beach. A buzz of excitement filled the room and everyone rushed to the beach to get a closer look.

Using red lights, which turtles can’t see, we crept up to the big mama who was busy digging her hole, laying her eggs and covering them to keep them safe from predators.

Thanks to Tom and the gang at La Tortuga Verde, egg poachers get more cash for their eggs by selling them to the conservation team than they would selling to the restaurants! The brought eggs are carefully reburied in a secure beach location so they can grow into baby turtles, hatch and make their way to the ocean.

The poachers are happy because their able to earn more money selling the eggs to the La Tortuga Verde Conservation team. The conservation team are happy because they’ve saved more turtles and the turtles are happy because they get a chance to fulfil their destiny.

This incredibly important conservation work means that more and more turtles survive but there’s still more to be done. Find out how you can help here.

Of course, rescuing the eggs from the poachers is just the beginning. There’s so much more work that happens to make sure the eggs grow and hatch into healthy turtles who can then be released into the wild. Alongside the physical work, we raise awareness in the local community and educate people about the importance of conservation. If all of the eggs are eaten then in the not too distant future there won’t be any turtles left in El Salvador.

One of the ways we are able to raise awareness is through the TV show ‘Green Go Central America’. The show, based at La Tortuga Verde is all about the importance of conservation and how ‘going green’ can make us live happier and healthier lives.

We were lucky enough to catch a days filming where the guests at La Tortuga Verde were able to get involved with this important conservation work.


The group all helped plant the rescued eggs, from last nights nesting, into the safe zone at La Tortuga Verde.


Here the eggs will grow for about 45-60 days and then hatch as cute little turtles, itching to make their way to the ocean.


Once all of the eggs were safely planted and well buried, we released 20 newly hatched baby turtles into the ocean. Take a look at some of the happy guests who had the chance to free their turtles, and let them fulfil their destiny.