Help us save 50,000 turtles from El Salvadorian soup bowls

Every year 50,000 turtle eggs are stolen from El Cuco beach and sold illegally in restaurants across El Salvador. We need your help get them out of the soup bowl and back into the sea where they belong.

Tom Pollak, owner of La Tortuga Verde, big wave surfer and conservation fanatic has started an Indigogo campaign to raise $12,500 – enough money to buy every single turtle egg laid on El Cuco beach for the whole year.

With only 1 in 1000 turtles surviving to adulthood, the odds are stacked against the turtles from the moment they hatch. We need to give every turtle the chance to swim freely in the ocean. If we don’t act now, the entire turtle population will be destroyed.

You can donate from as little as $5, which means you save 20 turtle eggs from the hands of the poachers and as a thank you for your support Tom will give you 1 nights free stay at the La Tortuga resort (worth $10). At La Tortuga Verde you’ll see first hand how your donation is making a real difference to the conservation of the turtles. That’s just the start of the rewards for donations, please take a look at our campaign to see more incredible perks.

Together, we can stop the total annihilation of the turtles in El Salvador.

Check out our amazing Indiegogo campaign here