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Getting to La Tortuga Verde – El Cuco, Playa Esteron, El Salvador

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Driving to La Tortuga Verde:

(airport taxi, local bus and shuttle info below)

La Tortuga Verde is located right on the Ocean just down the road from Playa El Cuco / Playa Las Flores and just down the hill from Intipuca on the borderline of San Miguel and La Union.

From San Salvador drive East on the Carratera Litoral (CA-2) past
the Airport and Usulutan until you get to the circle in El Delirio. Stay to the your right and follow the sign to La Union – El Cuco until you see the sign to turn off for Playa El Cuco.  As you approach Usulutan there is the circle which provides access to the  new Bypass Road which you can take which loops you around the central shopping district of Usulutan or just drive straight  through the circle and drive through Usulutan which is a good idea if you need to stop at the market.
Upon entering Playa El Cuco you turn left & follow Calle Pacifica past the double bridges and almost to the end until you see the big green turtle and the Police Station with the red cones in the road.
From San Miguel take the Carratera Litoral (17) heading south toward El Delirio.
From La Union take the Carratera Litoral (CA-2) heading North and turn off at either Intipuca or Playa El Cuco.

Airport Transport Fees:
The ride to or from the airport takes about 2 ½ hours and there are 2 prices depending on the vehicle required to transport you and your guests.

A typical vehicle which can accommodate 4 or 5 passengers costs $85 each way and an oversized vehicle which can accommodate 10-12 costs $120 each way.
There is an “odd hours surcharge” of $15 for those that arrive later than 8pm and leave earlier than 8am.
In the event that your airplane arrives later than the designated arrival time by more than 1 hour there is a $2.00 per hour waiting charge.

From El Tunco / La Libertad:

Private Car Service
The fastest and most expensive way to get here is by private transport service. We have a very responsible commercial carrier who operates out of San Salvador and charges $120.00 for the van and not per person like some of the other carriers.

Private Shuttle Service

Gekko Tours which has an office near Take a Wok eating spot on the main road that runs along the beach. You have to go there during the day as they close at 4 or 5pm. The usually come here every other day. There is another company, but we are not sure of the name. As around for shuttles to La Tortuga Verde in El Cuco.

Public Bus:
The cheapest and slowest way to get here is by public “chicken” bus. From El Tunco: First you take the local chicken bus from Tunco/La Libertad to San Salvador. ->

From San Salvador:

Terminal de Oriente (Alameda Juan Pablo II) is used by buses serving all eastern desinations. San Miguel Bus 301 (directo US$2.10, 2½ hours, every 10 minutes from 3am to 5:10pm; super especial US$4, two hours, 7am, 8am and every 40 minutes from 11am to 3pm). There you take a taxi from the local bus station to the bus station (Oriente) that goes towards the Honduras as the bus goes through San Miguel or the direct bus 301 to San Miguel. ( I think this taxi is $3 – $5 to get from the local bus from El Tunco).

From San Miguel:

Take the local chicken bus going Playa El Cuco that leaves right from the station.  Bus 320; US$1, 1½ hours, every 30 minutes from 5:30am to 4pm.

From El Cuco:

When you get off the bus in El Cuco just look around for a taxi, (they don’t look like taxis but they are always there and don’t worry as they are looking for you!!) and they will take you to La Tortuga Verde for $5. Walking is not recommended and there is no bus. From Playa El Cuco the beach should be on your right hand side on your way to La Tortuga Verde. If you arrive at night, just hit the switch outside the gate and a night guard is available 24 hours a day to assist you and by the way the ocean front bar is open every night till midnight serving yummy inexpensive food and drinks.

From Nicaragua:

From Nicaragua by Shuttle:
Talk with Gekko Tours or even easier book the shuttle TO LEON, Nicaragua directly from La Tortuga Verde. The cost is around $50 and you pay the board fee. Ask for more info when you book with the office.
From Potosi, Nicaragua (by boat):
We are the “Go To” guys for getting you from Potosi, Nicaragua to La Union, El Salvador. Just contact us and we will send a boat for you however payment is required in advance.!!
From Nicaragua by boat: 1-6 People is $375 and includes a taxi ride right to La Tortuga Verde. If you are feeling lucky and don’t mind waiting you can try get on a shared boat, arranged by Rafael Castro at Hotel Brisas del Golfo in Potosi or talk with Tierra tours in Leon for an even more secure help.
If you get to the bus station in La Union after your crossing before 2pm ( PLEASE ASK ABOUT THIS BECAUSE WE ARE NOT 100% SURE) you can take the bus to Intipuca and jump on a Tuk Tuk for a ride down the hill to La Tortuga Verde for $4. The La Union bus station is located just 5 blocks from the immigration office along the main road heading out of town

From the Honduras border:

After you cross through immigration at the Honduras border just go straight until the road splits. To the right is San Miguel. To the left is La Union.  Stay to your left until you get to the circle at the entrance to La Union. As you enter La Union circle stay to your right. The Texaco station will be on your left. Just keep going till you see the turn off for Intipuca. Follow the paved road up to Intipuca at the top of the hill and then down the dirt road and over the new bridge to Intipuca Beach. When you get to the intersection at the end of the road turn Right till you see the cones in the road in front of the Police Station and the Big Green Turtle.
By public bus: Go to San Miguel, then follow directions above from San Miguel

From the Antigua, Guatemala and the Guatemala border:


Shuttle: Talk to Gekko Tours in Antigua and you can get a shuttle directly to La Tortuga Verde.


From the Border by Car: After you cross through immigration at the border just follow the signs to the center of San Salvador and then follow the signs to the airport. See above for driving from the airport.


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