Gardening in El Salvador

Gardening here at La Tortuga Verde has been a rewarding and challenging venture, similar to gardening experiences you might have anywhere in the world. While starting our garden at La Tortuga Verde we leashed an all out war on the ants, who decimated our first crop, and have brought life and nutrients into the soil which was once only sand. Gardening continues to be a daily learning experience, but with the help from our volunteers and staff we are beginning to see the bountiful “fruits” of our labor.

Here are photos from our first Basil harvest. Basil from our garden is used in our freshly made Bruschetta served everynight at the bar until 10pm.
Basil grows extraordinarily well in El Salvador the heat is perfect for this Mediterranean plant. Many of our basil plants wegrew from cuttings of our taller stronger basil plants. This not only helps you to grow more basil, it also helps existing basil to flourish when you harvest frequently and allow for new shoots to spring forth. Here’s a great article on how to propagate basil plants.

Once we’ve harvested all of the basil, we need to preserve it. To preserve our basil we put the leaves into a food process with a little bit of water. Once the pieces are chopped we fill up ice trays and put it in the freezer. Try this at home and have fresh basil any time you want, cook it up for a flavorful addition to your meal.

Find out more about volunteering in our garden here.