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volunteer in el salvador, central america - save baby sea turtles


Opportunities to Volunteer in El Salvador, Central America:
At La Tortuga Verde we encourage people who have a little more time and a little less money to stop by and spend a month or few with us to make the world a better place. Like Michael Jackson said ” I’m starting with the man in the mirror !!” Hi… I’m Tom the owner and I’m doing what i can do to save marine turtles and sea birds here at La Tortuga Verde but there’s so much more that could be done and so we’re hoping you’ll drop by and bring your positive ideas with respect to organic gardening, permaculture, saving all living creatures, garden maintenance, yoga, massage, hotel operations & entertainment.

We have hosted 200 or more amazing volunteers and we are trying to become even more green and holistic and fun…. with your help.

**This is a 1 month minimum volunteer contract and is very independent work.

We are looking for ONLY 3 types of volunteers:

(only respond to the specific job and when you are to start for your first month)

1. Yoga Teacher:

You will teach yoga once in the morning and once at night on our beachfront yoga temple. Simple.

2. Intermediate Skill Permaculture / Organic Farmer:

You must be able to plant a seed, tend a garden, feed the worms, compost and play with our simple aquaponics system. You will be on your own, and will not be trained. That is why we are looking for and intermediate skill person. If you are not intermediate, you MUST BRING BOOKS OR PRINTOUTS, talking about planting seeds, feeding worms, composting, gardening and a little about aquaponics (read our blog for out system we have).  You be able to use the internet like the guests (slow, sometimes not working, free wifi) or rent an internet stick for around $30 a month. Yes we are at the end of a dirt road in paradise and internet is not easy to come by. So BRING A BIG GARDENING BOOK AND WE WILL BUY IT FROM YOU!

This is independent work, we will show you where it needs to be done, give you the seeds, but your job is to make work from there.

3. HAPPY / OUTGOING / FUN Helper person:

Almost like a front desk person, but we don’t want you to sit at the front desk. We want you to talk to all of the guests, do stuff with them, help them and answer their questions. You will read our guide book and be the friendly person they can go to for answers. You will go on some tours with the guests, surf with them, eat with them, welcome them to the property, walk them to there rooms and hang out a lot on the beach.

*Since we are hotel we are always looking for bodywork (acupuncture, reflexology, massage, etc) intermediate to professional. That person can make some extra travel cash and it will be for clients of the hotel. Please tell us specifically if you want this kind of work exchange.

All volunteers are asked to attend the fun and entertaining sea turtle egg plantings and baby sea turtle releases. Believe me it’s fun and Tom is really great on his nationally syndicated TV show for El Salvador.

La Tortuga Verde is where you will work and includes a yoga temple, ocean front bar, turtle sanctuary and bird rescue, a popular restaurant with local fresh fish and more, a pool,  an organic garden, aquaponics, chicken coops and a vegan/vegetarian cafe which you have full access to.

Each day includes 4 hours of work, 5-6 days a week, giving our volunteers plenty of time for adventuring around the local area and enjoying the beach.

This is a one month minimum and please do not email if you cannot stay for a month. It’s hard to train people for less time.

Again this is independent work. You must be a person who can just do it without a ton of questions.

We are accepting couples.

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For you:
You will be living at our sister beachfront hostel property Rio Mar which is where the river meets the ocean. It has a second story yoga spot for your own practice and a few fish restaurants andl pupusas nearby.

It is a very relaxed living situation on the beach and you will get a free mini private room and a kitchen for you to use.

Also included with our volunteer program is 30% off all food and drink,  and you can use a surfboards that are not rented for free.

Getting fruits are veggies from town or the trucks that pass by one can live as cheap as $20 a week for food. You are in charge of figuring out how to get your own food, and you can read the guide book for help. The fruit and veggie trucks are selling 15 oranges for $1 and 3-5 avocados for $1 dollar right now!

On Saturday nights we host a disco / bar which is really fun with a good mix of locals and travelers.  La Tortuga Verde was voted the best place to stay in El Salvador by Lonely Planet.


Contact us to Volunteer:
**You will be communicating with the owner so please remember, he is looking for help, not extra work, so please be direct with your email.

1. Tell us when you can come (one month minimum)

2. What type of person you are (yoga teacher, permaculture, or helper)

3. Tell us a little about yourself and include a picture or two yourself in your email.

Send the email with ALL of the above points answered to info@latortugaverde.com and tompollak@aol.com or contact us at workaway www.workaway.info/668417552734-en.html

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