“Surfers Dream of Only One Thing…Surfing !!”

If you love surfing or want to learn, you’re in the right place.

At La Tortuga Verde you can hire boards, surf the wicked beach break just a few steps from your room and access loads of super cool local surf spots.


Surf Lessons

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Learn how to surf with the amazing teachers at La Tortuga Verde. They’ll take care of everything, from helping you choose the perfect board, to showing you how pop up and ride those waves. Find out more about our surf lessons here.


Local Surf Spots


Las Flores, Punta Mango and Las Tunas – Tamarindo are all super fun surf breaks which you can access from La Tortuga Verde. Find out more about exploring these waves here.

Surfboard/SUP rentals

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We have a huge variety of surfboards available for rent and hire. Find out more about what’s available here.


Surfing trips at La Tortuga

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For the more experienced and adventurous surfer, we organise boat trips to beautiful untouched secret surf spots around the coast of El Salvador. Find out more about boat trips here.