La Tortuga Verde Local surf spots

La Tortuga Verde Local surf spots



Surfing at the La Tortuga Verde beach

The La Tortuga Verde Hotel is located on a long straight sandy stretch of beach (there is not one rock in sight) which forms a natural beach break wave for surfing for as far as your eye can see in both directions. The surf breaks best at middle to high tide and tends to close out on the lower tides especially when the surf reaches over 4 ft.







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Las Flores

Located a short (less than 10 minute) drive up the beach is the picture perfect right hand point break of Las Flores which is my home away from home. The point doesn’t really break until the surf reaches over 4 ft. so pretty much it works out that you are either surfing at our beach break right in front of the hotel or down the beach at the point. There is no such thing as a day without surf when you visit La Tortuga Verde (I’ve seen it go small but I have never seen if go flat!) however the surf is best from late February through October as we are a truly south facing beach. Las Flores by car is $5 each way or you can go by boat for $30 there and back.





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 Punta Mango

In addition to Las Flores there is the world famous right hand barreling point break wave of Punta Mango which is really only accessible by boat unless you are more adventurous than the very adventurous. The boat ride leaves from right in front of the hotel and takes about 30 minutes. The boat captain will anchor off and outside the break and hang out in the boat till you finish your session. Punta Mango boat trips costs $50 for a session.


If you are into exploring new waves that no one rides then you are in for a real treat. I’m just starting to explore all of the reef and mini point breaks located in and around the Las Tunas–Tamarindo area which is a short 25 minute boat ride from the hotel in the opposite direction from Las Flores and Punta Mango. (That’s why no one goes there). These surf spots have almost never been ridden and are accessible by boat only. The boat trips costs $50 for a session.