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Nightlife Here and Away

La Tortuga Verde Party nights

We also host our own amazing parties. Find out about the best parties in El Salvador here.

Also at La Tortuga:

Have a beach bonfire – anytime you want, enjoy!

Spin fire or have fun with our LED toys – ask us as night falls

Turtle Hatching Watch: Ask to be woken up if turtles hatch by the night watchman!

Night Time Turtle Searching: ask Tom or Harry about what to do and read below for more details. ** Do not approach turtles until after she has laid eggs, they are an endangered species!!

 Dance the night away around a beach bonfire, or even prepare your own fish over and open fire.

Away – Night Life, Bars, Clubs and more in San Miguel – Read more below points

Nightlife starts with a 35 minute car ride to San Miguel which is the farming capitol of the country and the second largest city in El Salvador. That being said the night life in San Miguel is of no comparison to the nightlife in the capitol, San Salvador, but you’re not really coming to La Tortuga Verde for the nightlife… unless you consider star gazing a form of nightlife. However, surprisingly enough, there is a lot of fun things to do at night in San Miguel.

Like in most cities Saturday night is the night to be out and about and so if your thinking of doing a night on the town may I suggest Saturday night.  


Nightlife Transportation Fees: Nightlife transportation to, from, and around San Miguel. We stay with you the entire night and bring you home safely and even help you find your way to your bungalow just in case you get too drunk!!!


2      people  $40 each

3      people  $30 each

4      people  $25 each

(after the truck fills up it’s the back of the truck for $10 pr per)


Adult Entertainment Tour – over 5 clubs in the area


Party in San MiguelSkyline Drinking, Karaoke, and Clubbing, Gaming & Gambling


The Circusask if one is in town, locally we can go together free, otherwise a ride is available


More Detail below:


Disco: There are 5 discos in San Miguel including Melodia, Marques, Kayo, Melenium & La Sonata all of which cater to one type of clientele or another. Pretty much they all get started after 11pm so I would suggest you start at El Sarape or Sombrero Azul and move on to the disco scene if you get bored with the cabaret show. Entry fees are usually $3-$5 and often free. Although the discos are open most nights the only real night worth going is Saturday night.


Skyline Drinking: Bar 5 offers an panoramic view of the city from this contemporary design lounge located 5 stories up on top of the Tropiclub Hotel…. (that’s a skyscraper in San Miguel standards!!). They offer a wide variety of beer, wine and mixed drinks an have an appetizer menu (bocas) until 3am on weekends. With both indoor and outdoor seating this place is the place to meet San Miguels movers and shakers. They now offer Karaoke.


Gaming & Gambling: There are 2 casinos, 1 in the Tropiclub Hotel and the other just across the street, that offer a wide variety of gaming sports including cards, slots and dice games. I don’t really know much about gambling, I only went once, but the guy I took had a great time and then moved on to the adult entertainment portion of the evening which he said he like more… (I could have told you that!!)


Adult Entertainment: There are 5 major adult entertainment clubs all of which generally offer the same format of adult entertainment however each delivers their entertainment to a different degrees of professionalism. Pretty much you go into the club and if you see an adult entertainer there that you would like to talk to you can buy that person a drink and they will sit with you in an open area of the club and talk and smile. The more drinks you buy them the longer they sit with you as that is how they make their living. If you feel the desire for more it is permitted under the law with certain guidelines to follow.


The Circus: It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak a word of Spanish or never even heard a word of Spanish spoken in your life; you will still understand everything that’s going on at the Circus and you’ll love it!! The evening starts with a car ride to whatever village the Circus happens to be visiting on any particular night and the entry fee is $1. In the event the Circus is in one of our neighboring villages such as Playa El Cuco, Intipuca, or Chiliagua, the ride and entry fee is on us…OUR TREAT!!!! However if the Circus is located further away there will be a small travel fee to cover the cost of the gas and driver.

Overnight Trips

El Salvador is an amazing country with so many wonderful places to visit. If you have more time we would be happy to discuss various options for staying overnight and visiting other amazing areas like Cerro Verde, Museo Gusman, and the volcano’s and tourist attractions that border Guatemala. 

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