Hosting Your Yoga Retreat

Hosting Your Yoga Retreat

Honor your Practice”


At La Tortuga Verde we do not teach yoga* however we create the ultimate yoga facility for you to bring your clients and host and enjoy the yoga experience of a lifetime.

Along with our yoga temple there are many outdoor spaces at La Tortuga Verde, perfect for continuing your practice.

The main yoga temple located on the oceanfront of La Tortuga Verde property measures 28ft. x 23ft. This ground level screened-in structure is freestanding and is situated right on the ocean with 6 screen openings along the ocean side of the structure and 5 screen openings along the side. (each screen opening measures 4ft. wide x 7 ft. tall). The interior building materials are concrete (unpainted and unsealed) and the thatched coconut palm roof is supported by natural “sweet wood” beams with their natural curves and imperfections. The exterior is highlighted with indigenous rock and blends perfectly with the surrounding vegetation.

The yoga temple is located right on the beach, allow the sights and sounds of the ocean to wash over you as you deepen into your practice.

The second of three La Tortuga Verde properties, “Rio Mar” is located just a short 5 minute walk down the beach from the main hotel property. The oceanfront property is located where two rivers meet the ocean. On this property we have created a free standing open air yoga temple in a circular design with a vaulted wood beam ceiling. This two story structure is literally perched right on the ocean under a giant coconut tree and is perfectly located for watching the sun rise from the bottom of the sea while honoring your practice.

The third La Tortuga Verde oceanfront property, “La Bocana” is located just one house away from the Rio Mar property and has over 500 feet of ocean and river frontage that stretches back up and into the mangrove river. On this property there is a structure which faces both the ocean and river which has a large outdoor open air covered patio area which can accommodate 20 yogis. The location is perfect for watching the moon rise as it ascends over the dense vegetation of the island of Icacal, El Salvadors largest island and home to a amazing array of birds and water borne wildlife.
* Although we can upon request.

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