Hiking, Volcanoes & Miradores

Hiking Volcanos, Miradores, Radar Towers & The Bosque


This is an old page and the prices no longer apply, but they might give you ideas of what to do while here. Or visit our official tour page ->

*explained in detail below


San Miguel Volcano and Coffee Plantation (Extreme is the word!!) – The entire trip takes 6-7 hours and costs $30 per person for the plantation only tour and $20 per person extra for the volcano excursion. Tip not included. (4 person minimum)


Conchagua Mirador & Volcano (4 wheel drive may be required) – The entire trip takes 5 -6 hours and costs $30 per person, if 4 wheel drive needed possible a little more. Please bring money for entrance fees and tips, read more below. (4 person minimum)


Hiking Right from La Tortuga Verde to The Bosque –  The entire trip takes 1-4 hours and costs $5 per hour per person. (1 person minimum)


Short hike to Crab Cove on our property across the street and pick mangoes, cashew fruit, mamones, icaco and/or whatever is available. We will show you have to pick it and how to eat it. Bring a little water and bug spray. Free, ask Tom or Harry – Tip not included.


*Moonlight walking: There is nothing better for your health than a walk on the beach after dinner. During your moonlight walk you will encounter others looking for turtle and turtle eggs and you will also encounter the police who are making sure that the turtle egg collectors, collect them within the guidelines of the law.

San Miguel Volcano & Coffee Plantation (extreme adventure)

The trip starts with a 50 minute car ride to San Miguel on a paved road to the oldest and largest coffee plantation in the area which has been owned and operated by the same family for over 100 years. The history of the plantation and the families that have lived and died there is like reading a newspaper from before your grandparents were born. The excursion is divided into 2 segments. Those of you that are crazy enough to hike up and into the live sulfur spitting volcano and those of you that are smart enough to wait at the bottom and enjoy the beauty of the coffee plantation. For those of you that are looking for a challenging hike I want you to understand that this is a serious hike with guides and assistants just in case something goes wrong like a small rock slide or two. The climbing experience is amazing and the view is just not to be believed. You’re so high up that clouds roll in and out and sometimes you loose sight of others in the expedition due to the cloud cover. It’s cold .. It’s hot .. It’s sweaty.. and it’s awesome!!. That being said when I arrived back to the plantation I told everyone and I quote… “I’m glad I did it once but I will never do it again”. Hiking boots are suggested however I did it in sneakers. The hike takes about 3-4 hours and will leave every part of your body soar the next day. Sometimes I was crawling like a spider on all fours just to stop myself from sliding backwards. However I did learn how Michael Jackson created the moon walk as the ground (pulverized tiny volcanic rock granules) literally rolls under your feet as you walk forward and move backward. For those of you that elect not to torture your body the tour of the coffee plantation is just as fabulous. There are so many buildings and structures in and around the plantation that you can only imagine what is must have been like years ago before the intervention of gasoline and what it took to harvest the coffee beans back then. If you come during picking season (February-April) you can join the workers in the field and pick your own beans. The coffee bushes on the property are some of the biggest in the country and your tour includes the gathering of yucca growing wild all along the many paths and trails and then a cooking class on how to prepare the best fried yucca anywhere. The coffee plantation tour takes 5-6 hours and costs $30 per person. (4 person minimum)
The volcano excursion takes 6-7 hours and costs $50 per person.
(4 person minimum)

Conchagua Volcano, Mirador & Radar Towers (easy adventure)

The trip starts with a 45 minute car ride to the base of the mountain, the extinct volcano of Conchagua, which is probably the closest volcano to the ocean anywhere in the world as the volcano literally falls into the sea. Then you drive up the maintained cobblestone & dirt road for another 15 minutes passing through various villages until you get to the entrance of the private Rancho. There you pay a small fee (like a $1.50- $2 per person) which goes to help the villagers who keep the road passable and “drop it into low gear for the climb”. The 30 minute ascend is slow but pleasant as you pass by amazing trees, bamboo forests and fern grottos known as the Bosque. (In the event of rain a 4 wheel drive vehicle is required and the price is increased to cover the cost of the car.) As you arrive to the top of the mountain and enter the Conchagua Mountain National Park there is a small parking area and a rangers station and small museum where you can learn about the natural habitat that live in and around the mountain. (The fee for entering the National Park is $5.00 per person but sometimes we are able to bargain the guards down depending on the time of day of our arrival). From there you go by foot, (it’s an easy trail doable in sandals but I suggest sneakers), walking for about 15 minutes till you get to the top where the government has constructed a Mirador.  (That’s what you’re paying the $5 bucks for!!) A Mirador is a wood platform built high up on stilts with a staircase that you can easily walk up and enjoy an unparalleled view to the East looking towards all of the islands in the Gulf of Fonseco and the mountains of Nicaragua & Honduras. To the North you can see well past the volcanos of San Miguel & Usulutan and to the South you will see as far out into the Pacific Ocean as your eyes will allow. Really.. this is a view you will never forget and my personal favorite. I just love when clients ask me to take them there as I never tire of the view. There is also a short (2 minute) String Line Canopy ride which costs $5 per person supervised by the park rangers. The entire trip takes 4-5 hours and costs $30 per person.
(4 person minimum)

Climbing The Radar Towers

Just a short 5 minute drive past the entrance to the Conchagua Mountain National Park is the Radar Towers operated by the National Guard of El Salvador. The place is heavily armed as this is the tallest communication tower in the country but not to worry.. everything is cool. The guards actually let you climb one by one up the radar tower.!! (Yep they do… no lie!!!)  The metal staircase is surrounded by a metal cage so you really don’t have anything to worry about. The views to the North, South and West are amazing. Although this is a good alternative to saving the $5 entry fee to the Conchagua National Park the view to West looking toward the Gulf of Fonseco is only a partial view. I always give the guards a $5 tip for letting us in so if we all chip in $1 per person that would be cool. There is no additional fee for extending the trip to visit the Radar Towers.

Extending the Conchagua Tour to include a Pupusa Dinner
The Conchagua Mirador and Radar Tower trip can be extended to include dinner in the quaint village of Conchagua with it’s row of pupusa restaurants situated right in the town square and across from the church and children’s play area. The town is situated about 1000 feet above sea level and is famous for outdoor pupusa dining while you enjoy the cool mountain breeze. There is no additional fee for extending the trip to visit and dine in the village of Conchagua however tipping the driver a few pupusas is always appreciated.



Hiking Right from La Tortuga Verde to The Bosque

Believe it or not there are amazing things to see and do right at the back door of our resort and hiking to the Bosque, that’s the Spanish word for think lush vegetation, is one of the best. The hike starts right from the front entrance to the hotel and to start the adventure you just start walking away from the ocean. After you disappear into the thick vegetation your local guide will show you the cow paths and animal trails to the largest trees in the area and to where the natural springs rise right up out of the ground providing the fresh  water that all of the wild life in the area depends on to live and flourish. The entire trip takes 1-4 hours and costs $5 per hour per person. (1 person minimum)

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