Healthy and Organic Eating

Healthy and Organic Eating in El Salvador

“Love your body and it will love you back.”

Tom the owner recalls:

When I started to think about and create my dream I dreamed of a place with perfect waves, Hawaiian style soft breeze & healthy food and then I found La Tortuga Verde and there was only one thing missing…. healthy food!!!

I remember when I first came to the little village of  Playa El Esteron at the end of the road and there were only 3 items on the menu at all of the local restaurants and comedores… fresh fish, fresh fish and fresh fish!!

The first 3 years of the hotel was open I have to confess we only had 3 things on the menu and after 3 years of eating fresh fish every day I set out to create a menu that everyone would enjoy… especially those that are health conscious and vegetarian as I became a vegetarian when I was 25 thanks to my girlfriend Robin back in Fallbrook California… ( thanks robin… that was a cool idea you had).

Here at the hotel everything is cooked to order and we work with all the local fisherman in our village to insure that the fresh fish we serve is the freshest possible.
Every other day we venture into San Miguel to the local fresh fruit & vegetable market to buy the best produce we can but we want to better and so we have started our own vegetable garden and organic vegetable garden and little by little we are weaning ourselves away from our dependency on the local produce market.

It can sometime be a challenge to find healthy food in El Salvador and Central America. The word organic does not even seem to be a know word here. At La Tortuga Verde our aim is to change that.


Eating a good amount of roughage each day is essential for a positive diet and so we offer two types of the salads. The basic salad with your typical iceburg lettuce, ripe tomatoes and cucumber and the special salad which palmito lettuce, romaine lettuce, beets, carrots, cucumber, pea pods, french string beans, asparagus, yellow & red peppers, romano tomatoes and a hard boiled egg.  Both salads comes with whole grain bread and your choice of salad dressings. You can even make your own olive oil, fresh lemon juice & mustard dressing which is my favorite… although many say the salsa rosada dressing is the best.

No matter which salad you choose you can add your favorite protein topping such as fresh garlic shrimp, steamed lobster, ginger tofu, fresh fish, hamburger strips, and chicken fingers for a an additional cost.


Smoothies are something we all love but love to have them made just the way we like them and so at La Tortuga offers you the opportunity to design your smoothie using which ever fruits your enjoy and then just pick one the following juices and press the button: fresh coconut water, fresh orange juice, soy milk, regular milk and bottled orange juice. We are also just now starting to offer maca, spirulina, chlorella, bee pollen, peanut butter, cocoa, chia and more!


Organic Produce & Juices
Our new organic garden will soon be providing organic salad greens, vegetables, potatoes and fresh herbs to the restaurant!
We currently have organic mangos and papayas which we use to prepare our smoothies whenever possible.
We also offer fresh vegetable juices prepared to order and will be offering fresh organic vegetable juices as soon as the organic garden starts pumping.


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