Community Services

Community Service

La Tortuga Verde has been participating in our community since the beginning.

At the moment La Tortuga Verde has evolved from a school for children into a full fledged community space where all sorts of groups come and utilize our safe, wonderful space to hold events and educational workshops.

Natural Education: Focusing on the endangered sea turtles and how we can preserve these wonderful creatures.

Children learn the importance of protecting endangered species through hands on learning.

Children get the opportunity to plant turtle eggs or depending on the season release hundreds of baby turtles. Fascinating and informative planting and releasing turtle eggs teaches the community, especially the children, how to respect nature and preserve the beauty El Salvador has to offer.


We can talk to your children and adults about saving our planet, avoiding burning trash on the beach, ending litter and other great topics that come up while having a hands on, life changing experience with an endangered species, Sea Turtles.





Bird Rescue: We normally have a pelican or other sea bird which we are rehabilitating in our property and will take the time to talk about and possibly touch the beautiful sea birds that live here and migrate to El Salvador.

We've rehabilited 15 pelicans back into the wild, and each one has a special place in the heart of La Tortuga Verde.

 Recent community events to take place at La Tortuga Verde:

Educational Theater: An educational play right under or Mango trees in the west end of the property. This was a Honduras based theatre group that perfomed a free play for multiple classes in the local area. The theme of the play was based on female rights and the growing need to change the views and roles of the female in the family. Very amazing message with great actors.


These are just a few examples of how we support our community by being apart of our community. Please contact us to have your next educational event.

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