Boat Crossing from El Salvador to Nicaragua

El Salvador to Nicaragua by boat


Nicaragua to El Salvador by boat

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Phone : 73-38-96-46 (Spanish/Espanol)

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We have crossed over 200 groups by boat from La Union, El Salvador to Potosi, Nicaragua over this water border!!! We know what we are doing. There is no ferry service. La Union is not the best place to stay.

“ We are the GO TO GUYS for getting you across”
Boats cross between the borders of Nicaragua & El Salvador almost every day and knowing which boat is crossing when is our business and we guarantee to cross you on the day you want to cross.

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This is much more than a border crossing. !!!This is a 2 1/2 hr smooth water protected ocean/gulf boat excursion passing by 7 picturesque islands floating magically in the Gulf of Fonseca.

When leaving from La Union, El Salvador: A representative of our company is with you at all times from the moment you step into our private taxi until the boat pulls away from the dock guiding you through the immigration process, securing your bags at all times, escorting you to breakfast during the processing time of your crossing documents and finally putting you on the boat for safe passage to Potosi, Nicaragua.

Shared boat is $75 per person – surfboard bag is $10 extra per bag. This includes the 1 hr taxi to La Union.

Private boats for groups are available as well, email and tell us how many people and when.

Upon arriving by boat from El Salvador to Potosi Nicaragua: After passing through immigration at Potosi just walk up the road a little until you see the Hotel Brisa del Golfo and hang out there for the bus or check-in and hike to the volcano crater lake. Last bus leaves at 3-4pm. The public bus passes entrance road to the surf spot in Nicaragua called “The Boom” and also the entrance road to Jiquillio.  It ends in Chinandega and from there you can transfer to Leon, Nicaragua.

If you want private transport to Leon, Granada & beyond please ask us to help you arrange that.

*Remember this is a boat crossing and anything can happen, just like on the bus. The boat may wait for passengers, the captain may be late, the weather might be bad, etc, etc. Have an open mind and enjoy the ride. This is Central America folks, sometimes things don’t work out as perfectly planned.

Border crossing by boat from Potosi, Nicaragua to El Salvador (La Union, then to La Tortuga Verde, El Cuco)

When leaving from Potosi, Nicaragua the boat captain that has come from La Union, El Salvador to pick you up or he will already be in Potosi. He will meet you at the immigration office in Potosi and assist you with your bags after you have passed through the immigration process. This is a private boat and typically $95 per person. (Taxi to La Tortuga Verde is extra, usually $25 or more depending on the amount of people)

If you are coming from Leon, Granada or beyond you will need private transport to get you to Potosi early to get you to La Union, El Salvador in the same day and taking the local bus from these destinations and crossing in the same day is not possible due to the time involved.

REMEMBER… It’s not a perfect world… and so in the event that your travel plans were to get bogged down and you were forced to spend the night in Potosi we assure you that Rafael the owner of  Hotel Brisa del Golfo will take good care you with respect to a fine fish, shrimp or chicken dinners and clean affordable lodging.

El Salvador-Nicaragua Border Crossing Boat Tours


For Booking Information Contact

Phone : 73-38-96-46 (Spanish/Espanol)

Phone: 72-88-62-88 (English)



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