eco hostel el salvador

Basic Room:

The resort has 15 basic rooms each with their own private bathroom, double bed, wood banco (the size of a single bed), lockable nightstand, (bring your own lock)) standard & mood lighting, large mirror & nautical map décor, pedestal fan, and screened-in patio with 2 hammocks, wood chaise, 2 reclining chairs, side table & blackboard. Each room is equipped with A/C which we offer for an additional fee of $10 per day and can accommodate and 2nd double bed for additional occupants for $10 per day per occupant. Three of the basic rooms have screened-in salas with either 1 or 2 double beds in the sala area for an additional $10 per day. Basic room prices start at $25 per day.

Mini-Private Rooms w/ Shared Bathrooms:

The resort has 12 mini-private rooms with shared bathrooms.  $12 for a mini private for a single person with a single bed, and $18 for a two people sharing a double bed. Each room has more_text=”Show more…” less_text=”Show less…”] a fan, outlet, lockable door and shelves to put your things. You will share the building, bathrooms, and showers. The mini-private rooms are located right next to the Cosmic Hangout which many guests use as there living room for reading, playing games, and relaxing.



Adjoining the property on either side are private houses for rent that make up the La Tortuga Verde resort. Both houses offer kitchen facilities and a buzzer system that connects right to the resort kitchen so you can either cook at home or order in. Basic casa prices start at $200 per day and include A/C & private swimming pool.






Efficiency Units:
Adjoining the property on the West side of the resort there are 3 efficiency units each with their own private kitchen facilities & amenities. Each unit has 2 double beds and can accommodate a 3rd double bed in case you have additional occupants. All of the units have A/C.  Two of the units are located on the ground floor nestled under giant mango trees while the other is a 2nd story room built around a coconut tree where you  can actually pick coconuts from inside your room!! Basic efficiency unit prices start at $45 per day and include A/C & all the mangos you can eat!!
food (2)


The full service restaurant is open from 7am to 7pm and although there are not many rules at the resort one rule is when the sun starts to go down you should start to think about ordering your dinner. We understand that sometimes you come back to the resort late after an excursion or sometimes you’re just not in the mood to eat before we close and so we offer to prepare you meal “to go” so you can eat your dinner at whatever time you like.







The Coco Bar which is located right on the property line with the ocean offers mixed drinks, fresh juices and our own home grown libations.

Late Night Drinking & Munchies:
The night security guard serves beer, wine, sodas & alcohol throughout the night. He is also available to prepare toast & jelly or toast & honey for those of you that get a hit by a case of  the late night munchies.




Sun Rise Coffee:

Although the restaurant opens at 7am we offer sunrise coffee starting at dawn for our all of our early rising guests and those “surfers” in particular that are on dawn patrol.



Anytime Munchies:

Ice cream bars and other frozen goodies are available around the clock.

Other Amenities:

  • Turtle Sanctuary & Seabird Rehabilitation Center
  • Live Salt Water Fish Pond (with live fish from the ocean)
  • Internet Access via modem stick connected to USB  (bring your own computer if you like)
  • Netbooks to rent with modem stick
  • Screened-in Internet Café by the hour
  • Screened-in Dining Room Sala
  • Cable Television in Open Air Screened-In Sala
  • Massages & Facials – (mani’s & pedi’s available upon request with notice)
  • Adult Swimming Pool (with computerized light that changes colors)
  • Kiddie swimming pool
  • Yoga Temple – screened-in with sweet wood palma roof design
  • Cell Telephone Rental (on a pay per call basis)
  • Nude Sunbathing on Coco Bar Roof Deck (monday-friday)
  • Nude Swimming (available on all day open ocean adventure excursion)
  • Personal locked nightstand in all rooms (bring your own lock
  • All natural unvarnished and unpainted wood furniture (we make our own)
  • Indirect lighting & red turtle lighting throughout (turtles can’t see red lights)
  • Standard & Mood lighting in all rooms
  • All underground electric system
  • Tree Houses (in process!)
  • Fruit Trees (pick what you want for free!!)
  • Organic Garden (almost finished!)
  • Plastic Recycling Center
  • Fishing Equipment Rental
  • Beginner and High Performance Surfboard Rental
  • Stand-Up Paddleboard Rental
  • Deep Sea Fishing & Turtle -Dolphin Ocean Spotting Adventures
  • Mangale Boat Tour & River Fishing Excursions
  • Flashlights
  • Coming soon:
  • Bicycle Rental