All Day Open Water Adventure – Isla Meanguera

All Day Open Water Adventure – Isla Meanguera

(It’s what we’re famous for !!)

Cruise through the Golfo de Fonseca for a whole day, and drift by the majestic islands of El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

2      people   $75 per person

3      people   $55 per person

4      people   $50 per person

5      people   $45 per person

6      or more  $35 per person


Welcome to the La Tortuga Verde All Day Open Ocean Adventure!!!
Voted the #1 cool thing to do in Central America… better than volcano boarding in Nicaragua and the river caves of Semuc Champey In Guatemala.

Everything you need will be loaded up on the boat. Make sure to put your orders in before launch.

The trip starts after breakfast  between 8-9am as we crash through the surf leaving right from the beach at the resort. We bring our own ice cold cooler filled with any water, soft drinks & beers that you request. We also bring everything we need to prepare the meal because where we are going there is nothing.. I mean nothing … except for hot tortillas, fresh local cheese, and the most beautiful horseshoe shaped beach with glassy smooth water and soft sand. We return just in time to see the sun setting over the open ocean as we literally surf the boat right back into the beach at La Tortuga Verde.




The journey begins with buying fish along the way. “You’re actually going to see the fresh fish go right from the net, right over the open fire, right into your tortilla and right into your mouth.!!”

While we’re cooking up the fresh fish extravaganza you’ll be bathing in the smooth water cove, walking along the unspoiled beach, or swimming out to explore the open ocean sea caves.

Walk down the desserted beaches of Isla de Meanguera.

In the event you would like to eat a more formal lunch we will be stopping at the Hotel del Golfo which offers amazing lunches fit for a king!

After lunch we hop back in the boat and head for Turtle Point , which is a special place right at the tip of the bird sanctuary island, where ocean currents collide and sea turtles, dolphins, whales and sometimes giant sting rays hang out all day long. Most times when we go we see 2 or 3 turtles, during turtle season I’ve seen as many 8 hanging out at the point.


Saving injured pelicans from the island to reabilitate them at La Tortuga Verde.

Then we move on and circle the Bird Sanctuary Island in search of injured pelicans as La Tortuga Verde is a bird rehabilitation center dedicated to returning free flying seabirds to their natural habitat. The island is filled with literally hundreds of thousands of seabirds including pelicans, blue footed boobies, white & blue herons, frigates, seagulls and many other species as the island is “off limits” to all mankind.


The trees on the island appear to be blooming every day of the year but what you are actually seeing is not flowers blooming but  rather thousands of birds perching on every branch of the tree.


Then we continue on into the Gulf of Fonseca and head on over to one of the most beautiful spots in the world, the Hotel del Golfo, with its super large cantilevered over the ocean palm covered patio and panoramic view of Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador. We usually hang out there in the large hammocks and soft sofas for an hour or so sipping pina- colada, margaritas, and ice cold beers. This is also the time for those of you that wanted a more formal lunch to enjoy the experience of fine dining.

It is suggested you bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat that won’t blow off, towel, t-shirt, scarf, money ($10 if your just drinking $30 if your eating & drinking)  and don’t forget to put your camera in a plastic bag!! ( if you need one just let us know)

Make new friends and have a blast on the adventure!

In the event we have a little extra time here are some other optional adventures that we can throw into the trip for a small additional fee:
1.      stop by the secret untouched beach of Conchaguita
2.      cruise by the secret island of the parrots
3.      check out the rich peoples homes in Tamarindo Bay
4.      buy fresh oysters & lobsters right from the divers in the ocean
5.      go aboard a shrimp fishing vessel and see their daily catch
6.      look for a sailboat and say hello & bring them a fresh coco

In the event you had a really great time, and I’m sure you will, we would appreciate it if you would tip the captain & his first mate.


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