Airport Transportation

Airport Transportation

The ride to or from the airport takes about 2 ½ hours and varies in price depending on the vehicle required to transport you and your guests.

A typical vehicle which can accommodate 6-8 passengers costs $85 each way for the whole vehicle ($10 more if arrival or departure is after 8pm and before 8am) and an oversized vehicle which can accommodate 10-12 costs $120 per trip. 


There is little or no danger to fly in late at night or very early. The San Salvador airport is very safe and is actually not in the city so you avoid any city travel.  The major part of the ride to La Tortuga Verde is on a new road. The van/shuttle option is the recommended mode of transportation and we have taken the chicken buses before and instead of 2.5 hours it takes almost all day 7-8 hours and about 4 buses and would have to start in the morning for it to work all the ay. We think it is a good idea to just arrive to paradise here at La Tortuga Verde instead of sleeping in the airport and trying to take buses.  We have a night guard 24/7, flip the switch many times at the gate to alert you are here if you arrive at night.


*Price as of 1/2015, and may be subject to change depending on fuel and driver

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