Adventure Motorcycling

Adventure Motorcycling

Throughout our time here we have hosted many adventure motorcyclists and WE LOVE THEM!

La Tortuga Verde makes a great spot to stop with your bike. Whether you’re travelling up from Nicaragua or down from Guatemala, this beautiful costal resort is the perfect place to rest for a few nights.

We don’t have bikes for rent here but we do have tonnes of knowledge about biking, motor cycle repairs and amazing local places for you to explore on your bike.


Safety for your bike:

We have a guarded gate at night and staff around all day with a police force right across the street. If you feel you want to bring it all the way to your door that works for us.

 Park your motorcycle right at La Tortuga Verde, with exceptional security.

The route:

Getting here is quite easy and the ride along the coast is fantastic. Many motorcyclists choose to come through this area because it is far from the hot cities and offers travelers beautiful views of volcanoes and undiscovered towns along the coast.   If you want to explore the surrounding areas they are all very accessible via motorcycle. Many people take there bikes on the beach here as the police don’t mind. It is quite like the Wild West over here and we are sure you will enjoy it.


Local and Regional Motorcycle Groups:

Motorcycle groups from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have all made appearances here at La Tortuga Verde.

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