It’s been a whole week since the Cosmic Cocina had its grand opening and the taste of hummus is still calling me back for more.

For those of you that weren’t fortunate enough to attend the event, or even know what Cosmic Cocina is and why it started, let me get you up to speed.

The Cosmic Cocina is part of the La Tortuga Verde resort in El Salvador. It’s a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that prides itself on utilising the fantastic produce available in the local area. The team strive to source as much as possible from the local organic farming communities, dealing with them directly and ensuring that a fair price is exchanged for no nonsense produce. They also have their own organic garden which is expanding everyday.

This vegan and vegetarian restaurant is just the beginning for the Cosmic Cocina who will soon be facilitating retreats, welcoming people to stay and encouraging a holistic approach to environmental and sustainable living.

Anyway, back to the main event – the grand kitchen opening:

Tea lights twinkled from every table and people schmoozed around sipping their Hibiscus and Shapiro cocktails. These carefully crafted tipples were muddled with honey, served chilled and evidently incredibly moorish by the quantity steadily devoured during the evening.

The mouthwatering vegetarian and vegan tapas started to flow from a cool, calm and collected kitchen team. First out of the Cosmic Cocina doors was the El Salvadorian Pizza. A flat tortilla base, topped with slow roasted Mediterranean veg and local cheese (when they say local they mean it – it’s made just a few door down the street from the restaurant!). Next out was the homemade hummus and falafel bite, topped with fresh tahini sauce. Plate after plate was scoffed down and everyone was eager for more.


But it was the garden burger that stole the show. A nutritious patty filled with seeds and seved with some absolutely kickin’ cosmic ketchup – it was the talk of the party.

Since then the Cosmic Cocina has been open every lunch from 12-3 and has been serving other delightful dishes such as the earthy carrot and coconut soup garnished with pumpkin seeds and the crisp, freshly crafted spring rolls dunked in peanut dipping sauce.

If you’re passing through Central America, be sure to add this onto your list and give yourself a well earned break from tortilla’s and refried beans!