Bird Watching & The Mangrove Preservation Program

Bird Watching & the Mangrove Preservation Program

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“The Time To Act Is Now”

If you came to La Tortuga Verde and asked me what would be the most important thing for me as a eco-conscious visitor to see or do given only a short 2 hour window of opportunity I would hands down say it would be the boat trip up the mangrove river. The boat trip takes as little as an hour if we pick up the pace and speed you through the experience and lasts as long as a lifetime if you have a connection with the planet we live on or the air we breath.

And even if you zipped through the experience you would leave the mangrove altered and almost in tears because when you see that this is one of the most beautiful places on the planet disappearing right in front of your eyes and smell one of the most important vegetation areas in the country evaporating right in front of your nose you will say to yourself “there could be no higher calling in life but for ALL OF US to work together and preserve this cornerstone of the planet.

With respect to Bird Watching as you pass deeper and deeper into the mangrove you continue to see more and more water dependant birds including wild herons, hawks, eagles, parrots, and many different types of sandpipers. Eventually you arrive to the breeding grounds of the blue and white heron which make their nests, thousands of them, high up in the trees and are placed so close to one another that by the end of the mating season the trees look like white snow covered Pines from the bird droppings of the mothers and their new born.
Although protecting the natural fauna is extremely important I believe protecting their natural habitat is quite another and more important than all of the other efforts of the La Tortuga Verde Family combined. This is a must and WE MUST UNITE NOW in our effort because evil forces are at hand and there is no time to spare. Unlike the Hatch & Release program which saves many Turtles as many others die the Mangrove Preservation program is extremely important as the Mangrove area in question is slated for Complete and Utter Annihilation within the next few years. The government simply doesn’t have the resources to stop developers and poachers from “clear cutting” all of the magnificent trees in the mangrove. Given no government intervention the financial rewards to those that disregard the laws of preservation are so great that the idea of loosing this habitat forever is the only game in town. To donate to our mangrove preservation program go here->

“Tomorrow Is To Late”

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