A pitstop at La Tortuga Verde


Travelling on a Motorbike is a breathtaking experience. You have the freedom to go where you please and the opportunity to see and meet some truly fascinating sites and people. At La Tortuga Verde we often have a two wheeling adventurer pop in for a few days respite from the open road. Biking through Central America is a thoroughly rewarding experience but it can get tough and sometimes a little beachside R&R is just what the doctor ordered.


We were lucky enough to have Paul Nomad stay with us whilst he was on his big biking adventure – here’s his story:


“I am a 52 year old Australian who is in between the children growing up and retirement. Basically I had the idea of riding a motorcycle around the world about three years ago after seeing Long Way Round and Long Way Down with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. I didn’t have a multi-million budget and film crew but I did have more than four months to do my trip. I planned and saved for over two years and decided I could afford to travel for three years.


My plan was to fly my 2006 BMW (R1200GS Adventure) Motorcycle from Brisbane to LA, ride through Mexico, Central and South America before flying to South Africa. From there I will ride north to Europe and spend the last leg returning to Australia via Turkey, Iran, some of the ‘Stans and Asia.


So far the plan is going well except for the time frame. My one year for the Americas has blown out to over 20mths, and I may have to stop in Europe to earn more money to return home (I also have a British Passport).


I travel by intuition. I have a major route through the countries I want to see but make no plans while in the countries. I never make a booking, rarely consult a guide book and use a $5 App on my iPhone as a GPS.


In Guatemala I met a local guy at the BMW store while I was buying new tyres. He recommended La Tortuga Verde as a good place to stay in El Salvador as he had been there several times. That was all I needed, a local recommendation.


I planned to stay for two days and stayed a week. This place is very special and I could easily have stayed for much longer. I was encouraged to participate in projects and became involved in turtle-egg burying, release of live baby turtles and even saw a female laying eggs on the beach at night. The experience was very enriching and I photographed some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.


My journey continues with South America in my sights for November…this year!”


We wish Paul all the best on his amazing journey. You can find out more about Paul and his Motorbiking adventures on his website.